Women Prefer Women

Women prefer women, men go both ways. Stephaine Goodwin (Indiana) and Laurie Rudman (Rutgers) found that women tended to prefer the company of other women, while men, though varying widely as individuals, did not show an overall pattern of preference. The sample size was good (just under 400 people) but because the sample was comprised entirely of college undergraduates, the results may be skewed. In particular, men who liked sex liked women more, but the young age of the subject population is such that there could have been a significant number of men who were not only not sexually active, but either had never been, wished they were, or both – in any of these cases, more hesitant about expressing a preference for men due to insecurities about perception regarding sexual orientation. Be interesting to see the study repeated with an older population. (Original research published in October issue of J. Personality and Social Psychology, press release here.)

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