XC National Runner Profile: Dani Moreno

Dani Moreno

What is your favorite moment you’ve had in racing XC Nationals in the past?

Racing in the snow and through covered bridges in Kansas.


What is the goofiest moment you’ve had or the team has had?

There hasn’t really been a goofy moment yet but I am sure there will be!


How long have you been running?

I like to think I was a hamster in a wheel of sorts while I was still in the womb so 23 years. Running for the sake of pushing oneself to their limit via competition and the fact that it makes me super hyper and happy?.. mm about 10 years.


What running shoes do you wear?

I usually just buy whatever is on sale on running warehouse. I am a bit unorthodox and have never bought the same shoes. In college I made it make sense, in other words if my paws never adapted to one shoe they in turn would become stronger. However, in reality, it was more so because I was a college gal living on a sparse budget who was going through running shoes faster than a carton of eggs.  In other words don’t read this and think hmm she’s on to something, try it, and then sue me, Dani’s cheap-o shoe-o training program isn’t for everybody.


What is your weekly mileage like when you are training for XC Nationals?

I am still building up but I think last week was 55 which is abnormal, I am more of a 70 gal.


Any other funny story you’d like to share? 

Yesterday I tried running at Elings Park but couldn’t make it to the top of the hill because it was so dang muddy and slippery. Instead I opted to mud slide down the hills as if I were on a skateboard, I continued with this activity by going to my car grabbing a piece of cardboard and riding down. I did this about three times until I fell on my side and got completely muddy. In sum no run was ran at Elings Park and my car needs to be cleaned.

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