XC National Runner Profile: Desa Mandarino

SBAA interview with Desa Mandarino as she gets ready for XC Nationals.

What is your favorite moment you’ve had in racing XC Nationals in the past?
Boulder, Colorado two years ago with our green (jersey) machine SB Running team: Cindy Angel Abrami, Monica Mo-D Devries, Deanna DO Odell, Teri Merry Malinowski and me, DMM.

What is the goofiest moment you’ve had or the team has had?
After a chilling and monstrous blizzard that blew over every tent and set-up even before the race, no matter how frozen we were post race,
Mo-D and I “raced” again, to the mini beer wagon for the most giddy and alive, shared-shaking cold-sweat beers, that I’ll never forget moment. I know that we must have looked goofy!

How long have you been running?
Didn’t favor running in high school – was in love with varsity ball team sports: tennis, basketball, and softball.
Then, a college boyfriend challenged me to the LA Marathon in 1992, a preposterous invitation, so I thought. Hence, I concocted my own 3 month training. Long story short: we RAN the entire 26.2 miles together feeling excited, thankful, and able. My only goals were to never stop running during the marathon and have FUN. …Both achieved! And still today!

What running shoes do you wear?
SB Running is my dealer!
New Balance “pinkies” racing flats
Adidas Energy Boost trainers
Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 trainers
Nike Rival D spikes for cross country Nationals

What is your weekly mileage like when you are training for XC Nationals?
Not as much as Cindy Angel Abrami but the same as Todd (lightning running and biking) Booth!

Any other funny story you’d like to share?
Not so much “funny” but FUN.
F riends
U nconditional
N urturing.
Truly thankful for all the “FUN” running, training, talking, emailing, texting, sharing, planning, inspiring, encouraging, exhaling, and giving that has transpired because of Monica’s SB Running store, Coach Nash, Cindy Angel and our masters teams runners.
Coach Nash has genuinely created a family and networks of runners. His love and knowledge of natural striding is infectious. Our Treasure Track Tuesdays T3 and Sunday Romero Round-UPs, though semi-cardiac arrest and burning legs, Coach and our team know how to make it deLIGHTful. No matter how hard we run, Coach always soothes us with, “we’ll take it easy,” “run smooth” and “just GO!” We always laugh afterwards, how he just elicits more out of us, endorphins too, and each other.
True Runnin’ VIBIN’

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