XC National Runner Profile: Jim Adams

Jim Adams

What is your favorite moment you’ve had in racing XC Nationals in the past?
I hope to have a favorite moment to share after completing the race.   This will be my first XC race.
So far I have very much enjoyed the training and getting to know the other members who are going.

What is the goofiest moment you’ve had or the team has had?

Again, I am looking forward to sharing a goofy moment following the race. Right now I am focused on not being the goof. 

How long have you been running?

37 years on and off.

What running shoes do you wear?
Currently running in Hokas.

What is your weekly mileage like when you are training for XC Nationals?
35 miles average

Any other funny story you’d like to share?
While training with the group I overheard someone ask a fellow runner what length spikes they were going to use at the race. I gently interrupted and muttered; spikes?   I was completely unaware that there were special shoes for XC races.  I now own a pair.

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