XC National Runner Profile: Lynelle Paulick

Lynelle Paulick

What is your favorite moment you’ve had in racing XC Nationals in the past?

This is my first XC nationals race, so allow me to reframe the question: “What is my favorite moment in the buildup to this event?” The sweet invitation to join the team leaves me completely humbled; and I do not hold any illusions going to Bend this year. I enjoy the feeling of responsibility for doing my very best with this group of runners from Santa Barbara, some of the best male and female competitors we have locally. The only reason my fellow age group competitors such as Maggie Mason and Cynthia Boche and others are not going themselves is because of issues such as injury rehab (Cynthia) and scheduling preferences (Maggie); so if I get to go, and I do, it is an opportunity I don’t take for granted. Already it’s been just so fun!

What is the goofiest moment you’ve had or the team has had?

Again, this is a tba thing. However, looking into the crystal ball, I see John Abrami falling asleep 5 minutes before the start; and Nash throwing down in put-off disgust a bottle of hair conditioner that we bought him for the post-race party. I’ve also heard rumors of hay bales on the course. Now THAT could be extremely goofy. Stay tuned…

How long have you been running?

Since 10 years old.

What running shoes do you wear?

Right now, I’m really into Adidas, such as the entire Boost series; the technology on the Adidas has moved to amazing new heights in my opinion. I do trails and some other uneven surfaces in Hokas; I notice Hokas are definitely not for going fast (for me anyway), so I keep that in mind depending on what kind of workout it is to be.

What is your weekly mileage like when you are training for XC Nationals?

This event is frightfully early in the new year, so my mileage can be no more than 40 per week with the kind of speedwork needed to ramp up so quickly. It’s only 6k, so I am focusing right now on short-distance repeats and lots of work on tenuous running surfaces such as grass, chips, bridle trails and so forth.

Any other funny story you’d like to share?

Well…since I was a teenager, I have literally dreamed of running on a golf course. At midnight with a full moon. And it has to be on the grass, not on the paved area where golf carts drive, which I have done although it’s illegal, and I’ve been kicked off in the past. Anyway, this race is on a golf course, so to me that’s just amazing. Every dream comes true at some point!

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