XC National Runner Profile: Todd Booth

Todd Booth

What is your favorite moment you’ve had in racing XC Nationals in the past?

I have been racing on the SB Running and Racing team for the past four years.  It’s been a great experience with two National Championships, a second (8K road) a third and fourth place finish as a team.  We have been the same core group of runners over the years with an addition of a new runner here and there. The time spend suffering and training together is what brings us together. The many hours spend training together on the golf course in the cold early mornings will always be the most memorable.  

My favorite experience was when we won our first Championship in St Lois MO.  The surprise and amaze that we beat some of the best teams in the nation was a shocker to this “rad tad” group of local runners.  We are a team comprised of locals drawn from a very small area.  Many teams, like Cal Coast from Southern California are compromised by runners throughout Southern California.  We keep it a Santa Barbara based team.  

What is the goofiest moment you’ve had or the team has had?

The goofiest or wildest moments for the team are always the after party.  But, it has become more tame over the years….we must be getting older.

How long have you been running?

I’ve been running competitively for the last 16yrs.  Competitive mountain bike racing for the last 24yrs.

What running shoes do you wear?

I wear and test the Hoke One brand for the last 9yrs.  Best shoe out there for a master runner!

What is your weekly mileage like when you are training for XC Nationals? 

My weekly running mileage may surprise you.  I only run 20-28miles a week throughout the year.  I add cycling, weights and now yoga (Power of Your Om) to fill in the gaps.  I do a lot, but not a lot of any one thing.

Any other funny story you’d like to share? 

I have learned that Steve Harding is one hell of a Karaoke singer!

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